Giglad-Remote is a mobile app controller for giglad. This app makes it easy to select styles, style sections, presets, programs, etc in giglad application which runs on your PC or MAC via your mobile. It acts like the TFT screens which many hardware arrangers have. In combination with the midi controllers, it's the ultimate tool to perform live.

Giglad and giglad-remote communicate each other via your local network. This does not mean of course that you need internet access or a WiFi router. You can connect your mobile directly with an ethernet cable to your PC or MAC. Or in most cases, when both the mobile and the PC/MAC access the same WiFi router, the apps can communicate (once both the hosted devices are connected to the same network) without the need of any cable.

Giglad-Remote is not free. Even if you have purchased a LITE or a PROFESSIONAL license of giglad, you must purchase giglad-remote on top in order to use it. Without a purchased license of giglad-remote, the app will disconnect from giglad after 10 minutes and you will have to wait 15 seconds before connecting again. Contrarily to giglad licensing, only one license should be purchased and you will able to use the app with every device which has giglad PRO/LITE installed.