Is giglad an audio plug-in?

Giglad is an application and a plug-in host itself. We are investigating the possibility but at the moment if you wish to use it on your DAW you need to use glecho (See below)

Can I use giglad with my DAW?

Giglad can send the master audio and midi data to any DAW via an in house implemented plug-in called glecho. Watch this video to learn how you can set it up and send audio and this video to see how you can send midi data.

Can I create my style by playing directly on the midi controller?

Yes this is possible. There is a record button and a metronome placed at the toolbar of the style editor for exactly this purpose. You can read more in our documentation.

I have set a plug-in in the Right Hand 1 track but there is no sound

  • Double check your hardware connections.
  • If the LED's on the mixer are not moving check your audio device settings.
  • If while playing, the corresponding notes do not get highlighted in the keyboard ensure that your hardware midi keyboard controller has been set and is enabled in the settings.
  • Ensure that you are playing at the midi keyboard controller range which corresponds to the solo track (Default: Solo Range)
  • If you are certain that you have done everything correct, try using another VST. If it proves the issue to be the VST please contact us and report the issue.

How can I reduce the latency while playing live?

To achieve low latency, it is advised to use a decent sound card which supports ASIO in windows and Core Audio in MAC. Additionally you need to lower the buffer size from the giglad Settings-Audio. The smaller the buffer size, the lower the latency but more demanding in system resources. You need to find the balance where the latency is acceptable and your system can perform without glitches.

Does giglad support Korg styles?

No, only Yamaha styles are supported at the moment but we are considering supporting them in a future version of giglad.

In my MAC, why giglad keeps asking for permissions in directories although I have already granted access?

This only happens in MAC with M1, M2 processors and it looks like the only way to solve this is to pay the corresponding commission to Apple. We are certainly going to do so in the future but at the moment, our decision is not to proceed with this. If these popups are really annoying you, there is the following workaround: Instead of running giglad via the shortcut or by double clicking on the corresponding file, you should always start giglad using the command line. Open a terminal and type /Applications/giglad.app/Contents/MacOS/giglad which is the path of giglad. This way, after granting the required access once, you will not have to do it again. For your convenience, you may wish to create a script file which will run giglad this way by double clicking on it:

  • Create a file in your desktop and name it giglad.command
  • Paste the following so that the file only contains this: /Applications/giglad.app/Contents/MacOS/giglad
  • Open a terminal window and type chmod a+x ~/Desktop/giglad.command. This will make the file executable and by double clicking on it, it will run giglad via the terminal.

If I purchase giglad, will I be able to run it on two different systems?

No, each activation key is bind on a machine and giglad can be activated on one machine only. If you wish to use the same activation key on a different machine you need to "move" the license by deactivating first on machine A and activate later on machine B. There is no limitation on the number of activations/deactications at the moment but this may change in the future. For a second license under the same email address, we offer a special discount: You may purchase a second PRO license in the price of the LITE one.

Is upgrade possible from LITE to PRO?

Yes upgrade is possible. The cost is the price difference between the LITE and the PRO at the time of the upgrade.

Which version should I purchase to play Yamaha styles?

If you are planning to mainly use soundfonts then the LITE version is sufficient to play Yamaha styles. But if you wish to replace all the instruments of a Yamaha style with VSTs then you are limited by the "Up to 5 VST tracks per style".

My system reach its limits when I use Kontakt

To effectively use Kontakt with giglad, you must setup the memory pool in order to use one instance of the plug-in on multiple tracks. Learn how you can do this by reading the documentation.

Video Gallery

Description Youtube
Watch the quick start guide to get familiar with the basic functionality of the software. The video will go through the basic steps of setting up the software and will show you how to create a basic 3/4 style in order to play it live Video
See how you can use giglad to read and play Yamaha styles and how you can modify a Yamaha style to use VST's in order to get a much better result Video
Watch a long video tutorial which explains the style editor in detail Video
See how you can send audio from giglad to your DAW Video
See how you can send midi data from giglad to your DAW (Pre-released video) Video

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