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Giglad does not require administrator privileges or root access and as such, it can cause no harm to your system. For Windows, the installer which does require administrator privileges in order to put files in the C:\Program Files directory, has been created with NSIS. For MAC we are using a dmg file and you can simply drag & drop Giglad in your applications. Please rest assured that there is no virus in any Giglad files and if any reported by your antivirus, you can safely ignore it and we would be grateful if you could inform us regarding that. The annoying Windows protected your PC message and Giglad is from an unidentified developer will go away once we get rich and famous and we can have the luxury to give Microsoft and Apple their share.

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Product Platform Version Download
Giglad Windows x64 4.0.2 Download giglad
Giglad MAC 4.0.2 Download giglad
Giglad Windows x64 3.8.3 Download giglad
Giglad MAC 3.8.3 Download giglad
giglad documentation Any 4.0.0 Download giglad documentation