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Giglad does not require administrator privileges or root access and as such, it can cause no harm to your system. For Windows, the installer which does require administrator privileges in order to put files in the C:\Program Files directory, has been created with NSIS. For MAC we are using Packages. Please rest assured that there is no virus in the giglad files and if any reported by your antivirus, you can safely ignore it and we would be grateful if you could inform us regarding that. The annoying Windows protected your PC message and giglad is from an unidentified developerwill go away once we get rich and famous and we can have the luxury to give Microsoft and Apple their share.

Product Platform Version Download
giglad Windows x64 3.8.2 Download giglad
giglad MAC 3.8.2 Download giglad
giglad documentation Any 3.8.0 Download giglad documentation
giglad uninstall script MAC Latest Download uninstall script

Versions History

giglad v3.8.2 [06/10/2023]
- Added modulation event in styles and allow recording of controller events
- Fixed critical bug style editor wrong behavior when changing the style from the mixer in the Arranger
- Fixed potential crash when loading a style with no CTA
- Fixed hanging note in programs definition window
- Fixed some trivial misbehaviors in style editor
giglad v3.8.1 [16/08/2023]
- Added keyboard mapping to control giglad
- Added chord seek lock control midi message
- Allowed optionally the midi control messages to fall through the plug-ins
- Fixed 2 potential critical crashes in style editor
- Fixed bug in which the arranger did not play the last assigned section
giglad v3.8.0 [09/07/2023]
- Style format is now more consistent with the midi protocol
- More midi events support in style like program change, tempo change, volume change etc
- Syncro Start/Stop, Arranger On/Off and Memory On/Off consistent with hardware arrangers
- Midi Recording is now possible
- Advanced CTA options
- No native styles are now maintaining their original channel
- Multiple bugs fixed in memory pool which were causing notes hanging
- Virtual instruments bug fix which could cause a crash in some plug-ins
- Multiple minor bug fixes and improvements
giglad v3.7.2 [13/02/2023]
- Added Midi Panic
- Fixed memory pool bugs which were causing peculiar behaviors
- Fixed bug in Midi Engine which could cause midi messages to be sent more than once
- Allowed memory pool instruments to be saved as programs
giglad v3.7.1 [25/01/2023]
- Fixed regression crash in style definition window after the style was created
- Fixed potential crash when loading some non stereo plug-ins
- Fixed bug in memory pool which was causing the audio to be applied twice for a few seconds during style change
giglad v3.7.0 [15/01/2023]
- Introduced giglad-remote
- JUCE framework upgrade to 7.0.1
- Midi Clock (Master-Slave)
- Checking for MSB/LSB instructions in external midi files
- Style is not reloaded when switching to Style Editor and back
- DLSMusicDevice can now be used instead of soundfonts (MAC only)
- Multiple minor bug fixes and improvements
giglad v3.6.3 [04/11/2022]
- Fixed critical bug which was corrupting Yamaha styles when edit
- Improved midi controllers message handling
- Improved stability
giglad v3.6.2 [27/10/2022]
- Fixed bug in which some effect plug-ins were muting the audio
- Fixed bug in which the left hand program was not reinstating in memory banks
giglad v3.6.1 [15/10/2022]
- Fixed bug in which some plug-ins did not reinstate correctly (e.g. Reason)
- Fixed broken prev/next section in midi controllers
- Added memory pools to the performance monitoring window
giglad v3.6.0 [25/09/2022]
- Redesigned Arranger toolbar UI
- Added fade in/out, tempo reset, tempo lock and nullify transposition
- Implemented GM mapping for virtual instruments
- Pre-Processing effects
- Added Style Sections grouping
- Added Melody velocity use options
- Added Free(Chord Bind) CTA
- Style's mixer can now be saved to the style file by the Arranger
- Added new midi controllers commands
- Fixed minor bugs and likely crashes
giglad v3.5.2 [07/08/2022]
- Reverted default CTA to new styles to N-Shift
giglad v3.5.1 [09/07/2022]
- Fixed trial registration issue with some emails
- Added some debugging tools
giglad v3.5.0 [04/06/2022]
- Support Midi Output Devices and midi instruments
- Support Songs rendering
- Support of Flac, Ogg-Vorbis and Aiff audio formats in recordings and playback
- Added tool to replace soundfonts and midi instruments in tracks effortlessly
- Fixed bug in which sff3 styles did not play if no chord was detected
- Fixed likely crash when removing tracks in style editor
giglad v3.2.4 [30/04/2022]
- Fixed broken CTA when saving a Yamaha style
giglad v3.2.3 [07/04/2022]
- Fixed regression bug in the arranger which was causing chords not to be changed on time
- Yamaha styles will now use a single tempo
- Fixed bug which could cause some instruments in the style to stop playing
- Fixed undo bug which was causing the successors and flags in the style editor to reset themselves
- Fixed minor UI issues
giglad v3.2.1 [26/03/2022]
- Fixed major regression bug in the arranger engine when changing chords too fast
- Fixed undo bug when different tempos or time signatures in sections
- Fixed potential crash when using instruments from memory pool
giglad v3.2.0 [19/03/2022]
- Playback information is now given to the plug-ins
- Sustain, Sostenuto and Soft events are now supported in the style editor
- Style sections may now have different time signatures and tempos
- Timeline cursor can now be placed using the mouse
- Quantize can now be applied in the midi events
- Styles can now have their own memory pool
- Fixed broken physical inputs (MAC)
- General improvements and bug fixes
giglad v3.1.2 [05/03/2022]
- Fixed critical bug in style track effects
- Fixed broken sustain in VST3
- Fixed inconsistent machine identifiers
giglad v3.1.1 [25/12/2021]
- Supported Intel processors for the MAC O/S
- Fixed broken leds in the mixer
- Improved sync start/stop
giglad v3.1.0 [18/12/2021]
- Initial release for the MAC O/S
- Glecho can now also receive midi data
- Multiple chords detection modes
- Minor improvements and bug fixes
giglad v3.0.1 [03/10/2021]
- Fixed potential crash when loading a preset with Mixer-Style attribute
- Fixed wrong leds positioning when reordering tracks in the style editor
- Fixed broken chord detection with the PC Keyboard
giglad v3.0.0 [18/09/2021]
- VST/VST3 effects
- New Memory pool
- Multiple midi input controllers (Part 2)
- External audio sources
- Memory Banks
- Chords Progressions
- CTA improvements
- UI improvements
- Multiple general improvements and bug fixes
giglad v2.2.3 [01/09/2021]
- Improved significantly the volumes parsing of a Yamaha style
giglad v2.2.1
- Improved chords detection algorithm
- Critical bug fix in cloned sections which could corrupt the style
- Crush fix when moving style tracks and select instruments
giglad v2.2.0 [22/08/2021]
- Fixed bugs and improved the chords detection algorithm
- Yamaha styles tracks are now get meaningful names and sorted consistently
- Yamaha styles drums midi events have now a minimum duration in order to be movable in the midi editor
- Added midi controls to change the volume of each style and solo track individually
giglad v2.1.9 [07/08/2021]
- Fixed potential crash on undo/redo in the style editor
- Fixed potential crash when switching from the style editor to the arranger
giglad v2.1.7 [01/08/2021]
- Fixed crash when stopping a recording playback
giglad v2.1.6 [31/07/2021]
- Workaround DPI issue on plug-ins windows
- Fixed Dexed VST3 plug-in issue
- Fixed bug in soundfonts which was causing a failure to reinstate their state correctly
- Changing style preserves the style track settings in the mixer
- Ensure that the style midi file never gets to have wrong note events
giglad v2.1.5 [10/07/2021]
- Fixed Kontakt VST audio output issue
- Sections can now optionally switch on any bit
- Previous section playing and "ending" can be define as successors
- Sync Play is now a tri-state button allowing to automatically set off when the arranger starts
- Added chords detection more options in the arranger settings
- Improvements and bug fixes in the style editor which could corrupt the style and crash the software
- Improvements in Yamaha styles due to successors and any bit section switch features
giglad v2.1.0 [26/06/2021]
- glecho: Send audio to DAW's
- Section successor
- Png's for beats
giglad v2.0.2
- Fixed potential crash when switching from the Style Editor to the Arranger
giglad v2.0.1
- Fixed crash when changing attributes(volume, mute, pan) in solo tracks
- Style sections can now be cloned
- Up to 16 style sections can now be changed via the midi controller
- Previous/Next style section via the midi controller
giglad v2.0.0 [05/06/2021]
- Soundfonts
- Yamaha SFF2 and SFF3 styles
- Recording in wav format
- Multiple Midi Input Controllers (Part 1)
- Easy Octave Transposition
- Arranger State Recall
- Bug fixes and misbehavior's
- General improvements
giglad v1.0.9 [27/03/2021]
- Allow user to continue in administrator mode if he wishes to
giglad v1.0.8 [07/03/2021]
- Ensure that the main window gets to be foreground when the application starts
- Added Quick Start Guide video link to help
- Fixed likely crash in song editor
giglad v1.0.7 [13/02/2021]
- Minor improvements to the performance window
giglad v1.0.6 [07/02/2021]
- Fixed likely crash when audio device fails to open
giglad v1.0.5 [06/02/2021]
- Mixer crucial improvements
- Disabled some menu items while the arranger is playing
giglad v1.0.0 [30/01/2021]
- Initial Release