Releases History

Giglad v4.0.2 [21/05/2024]
- Fixed a bug in presets where the tempo did not reinstate correctly
- Fixed crash when DMXSampler in shared memory pool
Giglad v4.0.1 [12/05/2024]
- Style tracks now override style received midi messages automatically when user makes a change
- Read the entire first style section for cc messages
- Midi Editor plays the notes while adding or moving
- Chord detection Fingered and Fingered on Bass can optionally detect 1+8 and maj,min chords with 1-2 keys
- Improved preset change while notes are down
Giglad v4.0.0 [03/05/2024]
- Complete redesign of the Arranger User Interface
- Native VST3 sound library (Dynamix Audio)
- Revoiced styles ready to be played (Dynamix Audio)
- Native effects (Reverb, Chorus, Delay, EQ, Compressor, Guitar AMP)
- Send/Return Effects
- fluidsynth synth re-implementation to support multi-channels and create less instances. Soundfont styles load significantly faster
- Exclusive Memory Pool
- Style Editor major improvements (dynamic horizontal&vertical zoom, key mapping, better recording, better editing)
- CTA: Improved Fixed algorithm, Added Guitar mode, Can be different for every style section
- Style Variations
- Lyrics Panel
- Banks can now be now unlimited and be named
- JUCE upgrade to v7.0.10
- Bugs fixing and general improvements
Giglad v3.8.3 [08/12/2023]
- Fixed critical bug which was causing audio engine overload when switching sections
- Changed default gain = 1. to fluidsynth which significantly improves the sound of soundfonts
Giglad v3.8.2 [06/10/2023]
- Added modulation event in styles and allow recording of controller events
- Fixed critical bug style editor wrong behavior when changing the style from the mixer in the Arranger
- Fixed potential crash when loading a style with no CTA
- Fixed hanging note in programs definition window
- Fixed some trivial misbehaviors in style editor
Giglad v3.8.1 [16/08/2023]
- Added keyboard mapping to control Giglad
- Added chord seek lock control midi message
- Allowed optionally the midi control messages to fall through the plug-ins
- Fixed 2 potential critical crashes in style editor
- Fixed bug in which the arranger did not play the last assigned section
Giglad v3.8.0 [09/07/2023]
- Style format is now more consistent with the midi protocol
- More midi events support in style like program change, tempo change, volume change etc
- Syncro Start/Stop, Arranger On/Off and Memory On/Off consistent with hardware arrangers
- Midi Recording is now possible
- Advanced CTA options
- No native styles are now maintaining their original channel
- Multiple bugs fixed in memory pool which were causing notes hanging
- Virtual instruments bug fix which could cause a crash in some plug-ins
- Multiple minor bug fixes and improvements
Giglad v3.7.2 [13/02/2023]
- Added Midi Panic
- Fixed memory pool bugs which were causing peculiar behaviors
- Fixed bug in Midi Engine which could cause midi messages to be sent more than once
- Allowed memory pool instruments to be saved as programs
Giglad v3.7.1 [25/01/2023]
- Fixed regression crash in style definition window after the style was created
- Fixed potential crash when loading some non stereo plug-ins
- Fixed bug in memory pool which was causing the audio to be applied twice for a few seconds during style change
Giglad v3.7.0 [15/01/2023]
- Introduced Giglad-remote
- JUCE framework upgrade to 7.0.1
- Midi Clock (Master-Slave)
- Checking for MSB/LSB instructions in external midi files
- Style is not reloaded when switching to Style Editor and back
- DLSMusicDevice can now be used instead of soundfonts (MAC only)
- Multiple minor bug fixes and improvements
Giglad v3.6.3 [04/11/2022]
- Fixed critical bug which was corrupting Yamaha styles when edit
- Improved midi controllers message handling
- Improved stability
Giglad v3.6.2 [27/10/2022]
- Fixed bug in which some effect plug-ins were muting the audio
- Fixed bug in which the left hand program was not reinstating in memory banks
Giglad v3.6.1 [15/10/2022]
- Fixed bug in which some plug-ins did not reinstate correctly (e.g. Reason)
- Fixed broken prev/next section in midi controllers
- Added memory pools to the performance monitoring window
Giglad v3.6.0 [25/09/2022]
- Redesigned Arranger toolbar UI
- Added fade in/out, tempo reset, tempo lock and nullify transposition
- Implemented GM mapping for virtual instruments
- Pre-Processing effects
- Added Style Sections grouping
- Added Melody velocity use options
- Added Free(Chord Bind) CTA
- Style's mixer can now be saved to the style file by the Arranger
- Added new midi controllers commands
- Fixed minor bugs and likely crashes
Giglad v3.5.2 [07/08/2022]
- Reverted default CTA to new styles to N-Shift
Giglad v3.5.1 [09/07/2022]
- Fixed trial registration issue with some emails
- Added some debugging tools
Giglad v3.5.0 [04/06/2022]
- Support Midi Output Devices and midi instruments
- Support Songs rendering
- Support of Flac, Ogg-Vorbis and Aiff audio formats in recordings and playback
- Added tool to replace soundfonts and midi instruments in tracks effortlessly
- Fixed bug in which sff3 styles did not play if no chord was detected
- Fixed likely crash when removing tracks in style editor
Giglad v3.2.4 [30/04/2022]
- Fixed broken CTA when saving a Yamaha style
Giglad v3.2.3 [07/04/2022]
- Fixed regression bug in the arranger which was causing chords not to be changed on time
- Yamaha styles will now use a single tempo
- Fixed bug which could cause some instruments in the style to stop playing
- Fixed undo bug which was causing the successors and flags in the style editor to reset themselves
- Fixed minor UI issues
Giglad v3.2.1 [26/03/2022]
- Fixed major regression bug in the arranger engine when changing chords too fast
- Fixed undo bug when different tempos or time signatures in sections
- Fixed potential crash when using instruments from memory pool
Giglad v3.2.0 [19/03/2022]
- Playback information is now given to the plug-ins
- Sustain, Sostenuto and Soft events are now supported in the style editor
- Style sections may now have different time signatures and tempos
- Timeline cursor can now be placed using the mouse
- Quantize can now be applied in the midi events
- Styles can now have their own memory pool
- Fixed broken physical inputs (MAC)
- General improvements and bug fixes
Giglad v3.1.2 [05/03/2022]
- Fixed critical bug in style track effects
- Fixed broken sustain in VST3
- Fixed inconsistent machine identifiers
Giglad v3.1.1 [25/12/2021]
- Supported Intel processors for the MAC O/S
- Fixed broken leds in the mixer
- Improved sync start/stop
Giglad v3.1.0 [18/12/2021]
- Initial release for the MAC O/S
- Glecho can now also receive midi data
- Multiple chords detection modes
- Minor improvements and bug fixes
Giglad v3.0.1 [03/10/2021]
- Fixed potential crash when loading a preset with Mixer-Style attribute
- Fixed wrong leds positioning when reordering tracks in the style editor
- Fixed broken chord detection with the PC Keyboard
Giglad v3.0.0 [18/09/2021]
- VST/VST3 effects
- New Memory pool
- Multiple midi input controllers (Part 2)
- External audio sources
- Memory Banks
- Chords Progressions
- CTA improvements
- UI improvements
- Multiple general improvements and bug fixes
Giglad v2.2.3 [01/09/2021]
- Improved significantly the volumes parsing of a Yamaha style
Giglad v2.2.1
- Improved chords detection algorithm
- Critical bug fix in cloned sections which could corrupt the style
- Crush fix when moving style tracks and select instruments
Giglad v2.2.0 [22/08/2021]
- Fixed bugs and improved the chords detection algorithm
- Yamaha styles tracks are now get meaningful names and sorted consistently
- Yamaha styles drums midi events have now a minimum duration in order to be movable in the midi editor
- Added midi controls to change the volume of each style and solo track individually
Giglad v2.1.9 [07/08/2021]
- Fixed potential crash on undo/redo in the style editor
- Fixed potential crash when switching from the style editor to the arranger
Giglad v2.1.7 [01/08/2021]
- Fixed crash when stopping a recording playback
Giglad v2.1.6 [31/07/2021]
- Workaround DPI issue on plug-ins windows
- Fixed Dexed VST3 plug-in issue
- Fixed bug in soundfonts which was causing a failure to reinstate their state correctly
- Changing style preserves the style track settings in the mixer
- Ensure that the style midi file never gets to have wrong note events
Giglad v2.1.5 [10/07/2021]
- Fixed Kontakt VST audio output issue
- Sections can now optionally switch on any bit
- Previous section playing and "ending" can be define as successors
- Sync Play is now a tri-state button allowing to automatically set off when the arranger starts
- Added chords detection more options in the arranger settings
- Improvements and bug fixes in the style editor which could corrupt the style and crash the software
- Improvements in Yamaha styles due to successors and any bit section switch features
Giglad v2.1.0 [26/06/2021]
- glecho: Send audio to DAW's
- Section successor
- Png's for beats
Giglad v2.0.2
- Fixed potential crash when switching from the Style Editor to the Arranger
Giglad v2.0.1
- Fixed crash when changing attributes(volume, mute, pan) in solo tracks
- Style sections can now be cloned
- Up to 16 style sections can now be changed via the midi controller
- Previous/Next style section via the midi controller
Giglad v2.0.0 [05/06/2021]
- Soundfonts
- Yamaha SFF2 and SFF3 styles
- Recording in wav format
- Multiple Midi Input Controllers (Part 1)
- Easy Octave Transposition
- Arranger State Recall
- Bug fixes and misbehavior's
- General improvements
Giglad v1.0.9 [27/03/2021]
- Allow user to continue in administrator mode if he wishes to
Giglad v1.0.8 [07/03/2021]
- Ensure that the main window gets to be foreground when the application starts
- Added Quick Start Guide video link to help
- Fixed likely crash in song editor
Giglad v1.0.7 [13/02/2021]
- Minor improvements to the performance window
Giglad v1.0.6 [07/02/2021]
- Fixed likely crash when audio device fails to open
Giglad v1.0.5 [06/02/2021]
- Mixer crucial improvements
- Disabled some menu items while the arranger is playing
Giglad v1.0.0 [30/01/2021]
- Initial Release